Discovering christ


March 28,29, April 5,8,12

The United Catholic Community of Holy Redeemer and St. James the Less brings you Discovering Christ, a 4 session series that includes 3 weekday evenings March 28,29 and April 5 and a life-changing retreat on Saturday, April 1. Enjoy a free dinner on the weeknights and breakfast and lunch at the retreat. Each session contains inspiring praise and worship, a dynamic teaching and small group discussions about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. 

The course is designed for you to revitalize your faith or to bring your friends and family who have been away from the church and are open to exploring the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. This program is provided to you at no cost.

We invite you to watch a Discovering Christ youtube video to learn more about the course:

Opportunities to

Discover, Follow and Share Christ in 2017!



March 28, 29, April 5, 8, 12                 Discovering Christ

May 31, June 7,14,17,21                      Following Christ

August 16,23,26,30                                  Sharing Christ

September 27, Oct. 4,11,14,18           Discovering Christ

 (All events at Holy Redeemer Healy Hall )



To register, email us by clicking here

Following christ, sharing christ

Our parish just commissioned 63 adults who completed the Discovering, Following and Sharing Christ series.  These disciples are now stepping out to practice what they have learned and evangelize in the name of the Lord!

Those that have completed the Discovering Christ segment are welcome to join us for Following Christ in 2017:

May 31, June 7,14,17, 21

Those that have completed both Discovering and Following Christ segments are welcome to join us for Sharing Christ in 2017:

February 22,  March 1, 4, 8


August 16, 23, 26, 30

To register for any of the sessions above, please email: