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Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Stranger at Our Border

With Linda Dakin-Grimm, Lawyer and Immigration Advocate

Wednesday, July 15th
7:00 p.m. via Zoom

Join Holy Family South Pasadena for a conversation with Linda Dakin-Grimm, lawyer and immigration advocate. Combining powerful storytelling, thoughtful analysis, and interactive discussion, Linda will lead us to consider how we are called as Catholics to recognize the dignity of the stranger at our border.  She will share insights into the intersection of Catholic social teaching, immigration law and the effects of prejudice, poverty, crime, violence and war.

On a pro bono basis, Linda has represented more than 75 unaccompanied children and families who must navigate the U.S. immigration system and adjust to life in Los Angeles. A senior consulting partner at Milbank LLP, Linda received her BA from Yale, her JD from Harvard Law and a masters in Theology from LMU.

Linda and her husband are parishioners at American Martyrs Church in Manhattan Beach. Her first book, “Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Stranger at Our Border,” will be published by Orbis Press in September 2020.

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LA Catholics Regional Congress

Not just for Catechists!

Anyone interested in enriching their faith life is welcome to register for one of the monthly sessions offered by the Office of Religious Education.  Click here for more information on topics and registration.

First Session starts July 21st!

HRSJ Small Group

Adult Faith Formation


Scripture study geared to the aspects of a woman's faith journey, group discussion and fellowship amongst women 18 and older. Choice of meeting times on Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:00am or Thursday evenings 7- 8:30 pm *meeting by Zoom at this time.

Email: drehrsj@gmail.com


Fellowship, group discussion and Bible study over morning coffee for men 18 or older. Wednesday mornings at 6:30am *meeting by Zoom at this time.

Email: contactdanlee@gmail.com


A 6 week wellness program designed to cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit and improve physical, emotional and social well-being. Sessions are held 3 times a year.

Next session starts Sept. 12, 2020 * this session will be held on Zoom.  

Email: micheline@lifestyletr.com

Seasonal Offerings

Lent: Living the Eucharist

A time of repentance and renewal! Join a small group to meet weekly for a study and discussion of the Sunday Gospel readings during Lent. 

Advent: Advent Awakenings

Discover ways to prepare for the birth of our Savior by joining a small group that meets weekly for a study and discussion of the Sunday Gospel readings during Advent. 

ask for joy


What exactly is Ask for Joy?

Dr. Micheline Vargas will guide you on a wellness journey. Together, you will draw closer to Christ, cultivate fruits of the Spirit and improve physical, emotional and social well-being. This 6 week wellness program is held at Holy Redeemer during Spring, Summer and Fall. * Sept, 12, 2020 session will be done virtually on Zoom


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for sharing such useful, graceful, extraordinary healing information. Thank you for sharing your time, with such generous joy. This Class is amazing and I remain in gratitude, awe, and in love. Thank you and God bless you. 
  • During the course, I became more aware of God’s presence in everyday activities.
  • I had increased peace during the class and I felt I grew in holiness.
  • This class taught me to understand centering prayer and it helped me to be more connected and be aware of my eating habits.
  • I loved everything about the course – especially how diet ties into spirituality.
  • Absolutely stunning (class materials) and so full of valuable healing materials. I especially LOVE how Micheline incorporates Scripture. How it relates to the Science. I LOVE that. Thank you so very much.
  • Micheline, your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the subject matter is stellar!

Email: micheline@lifestyletr.com or

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